I slowly turn around and my breath catches when I find myself face-to-face with Trent Hamilton. Without giving me any time to think or protest, he roughly pulls my hips flush to his then proceeds to place his lips on mine. I weakly attempt to pull away, but his hand is in my hair holding me in place.

      His tongue slowly licks my bottom lip and begs entrance into my mouth. I can’t help the moan that escapes me, and then he’s in my mouth, exploring me, kissing me with more passion than I’ve ever felt in my entire twenty-eight years.

      My body melts into his and I’m completely lost in this kiss; this amazing, sexy, passionate kiss. I’m kissing a man who I just today, maybe spoke a total of ten minutes to, and will be working with on a daily basis. Clearly, I’ve lost my ever-loving mind! But my mind has left for lunch and the only one running the show at this point is my vagina, and boy oh boy, is she loving her some Trent Hamilton right now.

      His hand slowly slides up under my scrub top and grazes my thin cotton bra. My nipple hardens as the pad of his thumb rubs against it. His tongue stroking inside my mouth and hand firmly grabbing my breast have me so turned on that I think I might spontaneously combust. I have no self-control left and I find myself putting my hands all over his hard, muscular body.

      I grind my body into his and that’s when I feel him hard, pressing into my belly. He has me so aroused that I start to feel that familiar, delicious clench from deep within and I know my panties are drenched.

      “Fuck, you taste amazing,” he whispers into my mouth.

      Oh, sweet Jesus…

      My moans become embarrassingly loud. My body has taken over and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that I’m currently grinding on a physician, in the supply room, at my place of employment. Scratch that; our place of employment. That’s when I hear voices outside the door and quickly push away from him and attempt to act like I’ve got my shit together.

@N.A. Alcorn 2013

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